Red Modern Chain flap...

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  1. it a complete lost cause to try to find one? I haven't had much luck so far...
  2. I think so, but it never hurts to try. It seems alot of people have been looking for them lately with no luck except Ebay. Hope you find one though.
  3. Yeah, I think this is very hard to find nowadays... One PFer got hers from ebay.
  4. believe me it is difficult to find. I called all over and there seems to be none left.
  5. This is quite far away but there is one in a boutique here around the corner from me in the Hague, saw it yesterday for about 1500 Euros - which is about 2,000 USD....:rolleyes: It is not a Chanel boutique but that is all they sell - do not know if they do charge sends but I can find out.....

  6. I saw the bag below at Saks Atlanta today! They had red, black and white. Priscilla is the Chanel specialist there if you need an SA.

    <Pic borrowed from Ellerbean from the Ref Library>

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    I just called and got it! They are sending it to me ! I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!