Red Modern Chain flap at NM White Plains

  1. I was just at NM doing a little recon for my second Chanel bag and the SA found a mis-shelved red MC flap. It had never even been taken out of its box before. I thought seriously about getting it but declined. I think I will be getting a classic flap. If anyone is interested please see Patricia who was very helpful.
  2. thanks, and perfect timing! I had been searching for one all day... now I can't wait to call first thing in the morning! Did they only have the 1?
  3. Just the one in red. In fact they insisted they had none but Patricia did some hunting for me. :yes: They also had black, but I believe that is still readily available.
  4. Ellerbean - Patricia called me this morning about another bag and said she still has the red MC flap and she'll hold it through the end of the day today (she's off tomorrow). I said someone may call and ask for her about the bag. Happy shopping!
  5. thank you so much onxybear. I called her around 11 am and she said that someone told her she may get a call. It's on the way!!!!! I can't wait!!! I really appreciate the tip!
  6. Excellent! I'm really excited you were able to get it. Please post photos when you get it!