Red mini square lamb SS2016

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  1. Hi all, can I get your thoughts on this season's mini square? Do you like the shade of red? And do you like it in the square quilted lamb with SHW?

  2. i just bought it yesterday and waiting for it to be shipped to me. love the red with the SHW!
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459464468.315900.jpg
    Is it this one? I personally think it's really pretty! Is there something holding you back from purchasing this color?
  4. Love this red mini!
  5. I think its on point....its preppy yet girly...the colour and hardware balance and compliment each other
  6. Red with SHW! Divine! This one is so gorgeous and so yummy in lambskin.
  7. Interesting...looks like this red one has GHW?
  8. Yup! Gold hardware
  9. Like red with SHW. also like that this season's square mini is, well, square, compared to the last season. I really like the red this spring because I think it popped more with the bright orange undertone. I only passed on it because I already have 3 bags that are extremely similar in that orange red (see? I love it), so I thought another one may be... excessive... I'm waiting for a raspberry red with silver myself, but would have snapped it up if not because I had this color many times and sizes in my collection already.

    If you like this red I think you should definitely get it!

    I know a lot of people are very specific about the true red comment and everyone's got their preference on red - what a fun color to discuss as it's so personal!
  10. I really like red with silver or gold hardware. It looks great both ways. Both are dressy and casual.

    I like this red because it's like a bright fire engine red. You can't go wrong with a red bag. It'll always be the perfect pop. If you like it, get it =]

    I want a square mini but I have a rectangular one plus a WOC so getting a square isn't really life changing for my collection
  11. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! I only have one Chanel in my collection (mini rect black), and was thinking about the cruise red but it was sold out... SA had the red 16s square available (wasn't looking for square or true red).. But you're all making me think it's a good combo [emoji4] Will have a look in person and let you know what I decide. Thanks!
  12. I totally agree with you. This season's square mini is well shaped. I find red with gold just looks too heavy to the eyes...silver makes it fresh. So as a fellow square mini lover..curious if have any purple square mini? I have seen few on IG ...can't believe I missed it..seems like it came out late last year.

  13. Yes. Instagram has some gorgeous purple square mini! I would love to see some purple with rhw too! It's such an unexpected colour for a bag....if you do get a purple one, please share pictures :smile:
  14. :nuts: this is gorgeous :nuts: anyone knows about the price in uk?
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