Red Mini or Red Chevron flap m/l from (spring Act 2 2016)

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  1. Hi guys I am currently looking to purchase a Red Chanel piece and really really love the look of a square mini and so when I heard that there will be a red square mini for spring act 2 I quickly got myself on the wait list for it. However as some tpf friends started to post pics of the red that will be coming out for the mini it looks like it has a bit of an orange undertone to it. A little while later I see posts of the Flap in Chevron in a different tone of red that seems to be more of a true red which I love. But my heart is set on a square mini flap however it is in lamb skin but I have yet to own a chevron piece and it's in caviar which I prefer. The red tone is nicer in the chevron flap.

    Pros for the square mini: 1. It's the style of bag I am currently looking for
    Con: 1. It's in lambskin
    2. It's not the right tone of red

    Pros for the Chevron: 1. It's the right tone of red
    2. It's in caviar
    Con: 1. Not the style of bag I want currently

    What do you think I should do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. I've just purchased the red square mini and it's beautiful. I wouldn't say it's an orange red really (I prefer blue reds too). I've only got a picture that shows a corner of it at the moment (it's in the Heathrow thread if you want to look) but I can try and take a proper picture of it in daylight. I love it so much I now want a medium flap version!
  3. Thank you so much I will go look into that thread! I was waiting for someone to post it but have not seen it yet. Thank You Thank you 😊
  4. I'd say look at the bags in person, then pick what you like, if you still have doubts, just patiently wait for your perfect bag.
    I'd pick the mini, since i don't like the small chevron
  5. Thank you Maggie! I definitely would like to see them in person when it arrives in boutiques here. Only problem is the closest boutique near me is a 2hr drive away... But hopefully when the collection arrives I cross my finger that they arrive relatively at the same time. But my heart also leans towards the mini as well. Thank you for taking the time to help me! Really appreciate it 😊
  6. OP, I have seen both. I agree with you that the lambskin has an orange hue in it while the chevron is deep true red. Looking at your pros/cons list, I would wait.
  7. Greatly appreciate your input. Ah so you also see a tint of orange to it.... So hard to decide. I understand that the square mini's are hard to come by and don't know how much the price will increase by the time it is released again... Especially in the red... 😔. Did you happen to see it in person? I've only seen it in pics but I do find it has some orange tones to it as well. Well guess I will have to wait until I see IRL. Thank you again for your help really appreciate you taking the time to help me 😊
  8. I don't understand

    Why don't you get a red chevron caviar square mini? That is the style and color you are looking for!
  9. I have seen both irl, although not at the same time.
    Between the two, I prefer the chevron - both in color and structure.
    Hope you get it soon!
    Good luck! :smile:
  10. Oh I did not realize that it is available in the mini? From reading the forum I thought that the square mini was only offered in the quilted lamb skin this coming season. I will have to check with my SA to see then. Now I am excited again. Thank you For your help Calfu Really appreciate you taking the time to let me know! It would be so great if I could get this combo!! 😄
  11. Hi again gagabag... Thank you again for your reply. So just to clarify have you seen the chevron caviar in the mini as well? I am getting super excited! I hope my boutique will have this available. I just assumed that the square mini was all in quilted lamb skin this season. Thank you for your help once again. If the chevron caviar square mini is available this will be the perfect combo for me! So so so excited! Loving all the tpf friends who took the time to inform me on what is available! Super grateful for your help again thank you thank you 😊
  12. Just wanted to let you know Saks has gotten the square lambskin red minis in....I really hope you can find the square mini in red chevron caviar so you'll have exactly what you want! I know NM got the black chevron square mini but I didn't realize there was a red! I actually found out there is a green lambskin square mini coming out so I decided not to take the red. Best of luck to you Sweetie!
  13. Thank you Stylevialauren for letting me know. I'm from Canada so probably will wait for the collection to arrive here as your USD is way higher if I were to buy from the States. My SA just contacted me earlier and told me she has some mini's in but have not received any red ones yet. She is also not sure is she will have the red caviar chevron... So I am still anxiously waiting. Thank you for being so sweet and supportive! 😊 Love your Instagram!!

  14. Here's the red lambskin

  15. You are welcome
    In general, Canada has better selections than US and prices are lower than US!!! (Even iPads are cheaper in Canada after tax than US pre-tax theses days)!!!!

    So if US and Europe are getting red chevron in square mini then I'm pretty sure you can find it in Canada!

    Good luck!!!!