red metallic reissue

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  1. Has anyone seen this bag anywhere. I am wait listed for it, but was wondering if one had been spotted anywhere. Thanks.:love:
  2. I am waitlisted for this bag also, but they haven't come in yet. I was told they are "in route", but that was over a week ago. I'm still waiting patiently.:hrmm:

    I do think there are a few stores that have have already received their red reissues.
  3. Molly, I keep getting the "enroute" line too.

    I'm dyin ova hea!:sad:
  4. Mon, at least I'm not the only one getting that line. I took it to mean a couple of days...guess I was wrong:sad:
  5. I too am being told it should be in any day:yes:
  6. i'm on 2 wait lists for red 227...
    if i keep calling these SA's they may issue a restraining order against me ~ i'm like a stalker! promises - promises???????????
    confusion at NM, white plains about "lists"... was told i was #1 long time ago & now seems each SA may have their own private list?? - hopefully this will be cleared up today -
    happy to know i'm not only one waiting for this call! Joan
  7. :crybaby: It will be too bad if it is true. whether we are getting or not getting the bag depends on how powerful our SAs are. This adds more uncertainty on the searching, I hate that:sad:
  8. haj1119 ~ let's see about the "ethics" if/when NM finally gets these bags ~ maybe 3 per store at most ~
    we're having a snowstorm in ny & there's only 1 SA in @ NM...
    i'm waiting for an explanation about these "lists"???????? seems a few SA's are passing the buck...or perhaps even worse - making an extra buck?????