Red metallic gals! Help me decide!

  1. I got the call about a red metallic 225! If it had been a week before Valentine's Day, I would have bought it, lol! :heart:

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do ~ if you have a red metallic reissue, what size and how do you plan to use it?

    Do you think it can be used in warmer weather? Do you think the 225 size (I'd use it for evenings out) is versatile and not trendy?

    I know there are other threads, but if you feel like posting pics of your gorgeous bags here to convince me, I won't complain!

    If it matters, my Chanel collection is jumbo black distressed caviar hybrid with darkened ruthenium chain, 227 black metallic reissue 08 silver chain, 226 dark silver reissue 08 silver chain, and a light silver 08 wallet on chain.

    I have one nice red bag, it is a red Furla I think structured tote with alligator embossed leather (nice red color!).

    ETA: Do you think this bag would be too much metallic for the bags I have?
  2. did you decide to get this or did you pass?

    i plan to where mine whenever i am in the mood for red. i don't think it's a restrictive color to wear.

    and i love the 225 size - PERFECT for evenings and also great for day when i don't want to carry around a big bag.
  3. i :heart: my red met 225 ~ it's the perfect size of flap for me ~ i will use it as a dressy bag for going out either for lunch or in the evening ~ i am sruggling a little with the gold h/w ~ but not enough to ever let it go! ~ lol! ~ it is such a beautiful unique red :love: ~ go get it girlie !!! :graucho: