Red Metalic Reissue or Red Classic Flap Distress Caviar Bijoux chain???

  1. hi everyone, i cant make a decision between 2.55 Red Metalic Reissue or Red Classic Flap Distress Caviar w/h Bijoux chain... i need some helps on choosing which one should i buy and which one is worth to keep....thanks for yr helps:love:
  2. iM not a fan of metallics.....I think they r too trendy for my lifestyle..IMHO!
  3. i will vote for red classic flap too... its always classic!
  4. Red caviar - it's a nicer red.
  5. hi, may i know which red distressed caviar is this? is it the hybrid 2007 that own by nvchampagne?
    for me i love the one that nvchampagne owns =) hehe
    nvchampagne: yupeee i ordered already =) hehe finally hueheuhehhe thx babe
  6. speaking as one who has bought 4 '08 reissues & :heart:'s them all to pieces! :lol: ~ *trendy* is just not a word i would associate with them at all :confused1: ~ they are classy beautifully finished bags that i intend to be using years from now ~ the red is particularly gorgeous :love:

    the caviar is a beautiful bag too ~ i looove the h/w & i love the practicality of the caviar but personally i think the *scratches* may get to me ~ i can't be sure of the colour of red as i haven't been lucky enough to see it irl & i find some of the darker reds are very different irl from how they look on their pics.

    i also think the new red lambskin for pre~fall sounds gorgy ~ you would have the same met red colour (without the met!) & the silver h/w :love: have fun choosing! :flowers: