Red medium Muse

  1. Anyone seen one? I'll be in NYC this weekend, so I'll check out the YSL store and the other stores, i.e. Saks, around 5th Ave, but I was just wondering if anyone had seen them in stock yet. I also think there may be two colors? I'm interested in the brick or darker red. :flowers:

    I'm only looking for the medium because I'm just not into super big bags, I can't pull them off as well as some of you ladies!
  2. I am only aware of the Dark Bing cherry red color (burgundyish as the SA called it) which I have & also posted in the 'Red large Muse in at Saks NYC' thread. However a TFS'er asked me if there was also another red (brick red) and I really do not know nor do I know what shade of brick red it might be if there is one. Also, the BG YSL Specialist sent me a pic of the only red they knew about during their YSL trunk show a few months ago, and the picture is the red that I have. So if there is another red, your best bet is to go to the YSL store as you planned this weekend and ask them. And if you find out, I'm sure there will be some ladies on the PF interested in hearing an update. :smile:
  3. Ok, thanks for the info. I'll post an update if I get any new color information.
  4. I prefer the smaller bags too (I'm 5' 8"). Actually, if there's a particular size you're looking for but they don't offer that size in that color, you MAY be able to do a special-order; at least that's what my salesperson told me.