Red Medium Flaps !

  1. Im looking for red medium flaps in lambskin or caviar if I cant find the dyingggggggggg

    any info would be much appreciated
    lots of love you sexychaneloholics xxxx
  2. There are medium red caviar available in Canada. I just ordered mine. Try the Calgary store and ask for Kay, she was super sweet. It was $2200 Canadian. You have to ship it to someone in Canada though, they don't ship to the US.
  3. Do they ship internationally though? Thanx April you always help out

    peoplesssssssssss I need a medium red caviar xxxx
  4. I'm not sure if they will ship to other countries, but they won't to the US. Thank God my husband works with someone who lives in Canada, or I'd be crying! (kidding - well, sort of)
  5. Anyone...this is desperation...all I can get is jumbo :sad:
    I need any info on the red lambskin or caviar medium.
  6. ^^ did you try boutiques in london?? they ship international
  7. I know how you feel... I have to ship things to my cousins in the USA because stores don't ship to Canada.
  8. Found a medium caviar :smile: yay!

    just a Q...are they making red lambskin this season?
  9. yup, i believe they are making red lambskin this season (w/ new chain)
  10. where did you find it? apparently, non of the stores in the u.s. received any, yes they did make it in lambskin BG received a couple earlier on but they're completedly sold out and to my best knowledge no other stores are expecting the red lambskin
  11. she must have found it outside the US. The 2 very rare medium haven't landed on Hawaii yet.