RED Medium Caviar Flap Available in AZ!

  1. i wondered over to the Saks in Phoenix, AZ this afternoon and there i saw it, and i held my breath! so goregous.
    sorry i dont know the number, but it was there :heart::heart:
  2. med? what was the retail? i had no idea it hit the states yet.
  3. Not another red:love: . I am having enough trouble deciding between the classic tote and the jumbo! Now I am thinking a medium would be perfect since I already have a jumbo:confused1:
  4. not sure, didnt ask. but it was indeed a medium, just sitting nice and pretty.
  5. Did you see any cute accessories or wallets? Haha sorry I know this tread is about the flap but I live in flagstaff so that Saks is my #1 supplier of chanel hahaha
  6. omg they had sooo many wallets! i was surprised by how much they had in stock.
  7. OOOOO!!!!!! Awesome i must go down and stop by
  8. can't wait til my saks gets it. thanks for the heads up.

  9. No doubt! Me too! I was over there on Friday and I was so surprised! They didn't have the red medium when I was there though.
  10. Do you guys have any SA over at Chanel SFA Phoenix? If yes...what's her/his name? I def. have to call her/him tomorrow....I really regret that I did not stop by at Saks on Saturday :sad:
  11. you know, I think ended up some stores in the US did receive some shipment of the med red caviar and it was a total surprise - nobody expected to receive them besides the two HI boutiques, and funny the boutique in Wikkiki that reserved the bag has not received it. Versus SCP and Boston boutiques got a couple by total surprise.
  12. Is there anymore sightings of the red?

    please let me know

  13. I use Gloria..iirc, ph is 602-955-8000?? I'm just going off memory and her card isn't w/ me atm.