Red Meat

  1. Okay. I've been restricting my red meat consumption for about 2 months now. I've only had it twice in that time frame. The thing is: I've been losing weight but I have been ridiculously tired. I suffer from iron deficiency anaemia and I do not have the discipline to take iron supplements. I just take a multi-vitamin which does nothing for my energy level. Seriously, I could have 2 grand soy lattes and still feel tired as hell. I tried indulging in peanuts and fish but to no avail... I am so damn tired!!!!!!!!!! Literally!!

    Is there anyone here in a similar circumstance?
  2. There are LOTS of plant based foods that have tons of iron (some even more than meats) I don't have time now, but I will write more for you later !!!!:yes:
  3. ^^^ Thanks cassi!!
  4. I haven't really had red meat in like years, but I don't have much of a problem (females are mor eprone to anemia and stuff though), but there's quite a thin line between "exhausted" and "working order" for me. I don't really ever think about eating stuff with a iron, perhaps I should try...
  5. ^ Wow! You took the words right out of my mouth : ) I also haven't eaten red meat in years but I do eat a lot of chicken and fish. I feel tired a lot but can still function. I think this has more to do with my late night studying than the way I eat though. Talk to your doctor, maybe he/she can recommend something to make you feel a little better.
  6. are some comparisons of Iron in foods. Each listing is in Iron mg per serving. These figures are a general idea of the iron and of course there can be variations etc....

    I'll start with animal products:
    1/2 cup of milk 2% .1
    3/4 oz Cheddar cheese .1
    One medium egg .5
    2 oz ground beef 1.1
    2 oz roasted chicken .6
    2oz baked cod .3
    2 oz baked/broiled salmon .3

    Here are the non animal products. You can get tons of Iron without eating meats !!!
    Apple .2
    dried apricot 1.6
    bananna .4
    dried fig 2.1
    prunes 2.1
    raisins 1.0

    almonds 1.4
    cashews 2.1
    flaxseed 1.9
    pine nuts 3.1
    pumpkin seeds 5.2 !!
    sunflower seeds 2.5

    broccoli- raw .8
    carrot- raw .4
    Firm tofu- up to 13 !!
    tempeh 2.2

    These are all cooked:
    mushrooms .7
    baked potato .4
    black beans 5.0
    cranberry beans 3.7
    chickpeas 4.7
    lentils 6.6
    navy, pinto, kidney beans 5.0
    soybeans 8.8

    Hope this helps !!
  7. Also, go to your doc to make sure it's not something else. Anemia is easily detected through bloodwork.
    Regarding your lack of discipline when taking you take BC? If so, take your vitamins when you take your BC, or, set a reminder on your phone. Carry some in your purse so if you're not at home you can take them.
  8. don't forget spinach!
  9. ^^^Don't count on spinach as an iron source. (so much for Popeye huh ??;) ) While it does have iron, it's high in oxalates and these inhibit iron absorbtion.
  10. ^^^ Thanks Cassi! This past weekend, I went to Wholefoods and bought a BUNCH of spinach. Its funny how small it becomes once you cook it.

    I had red meat last night and I don't know whether its psycho-somatic or what but I threw it up. I just felt sick after I consumed it.:throwup:

    For tonight, I am having fish fried in olive oil with carrots and cabbage.:drool:
  11. I have never in my life had a hamburger(or any red meat like steak, etc.) I am a vegetarian, and I remember when I first became one, I was just like you, but then I discovered that there are many foods out there that you can eat to get your daily vitamins. You should really consider trying to take an iron supplement, it could make a huge difference.
  12. I'm sure I read somewhere that beans have a LOT of iron. The only downside is, they also make you gassy!
  13. I think you should go have a check up with your doctor envyme!