Red Matinee VS Red MAB Which wears Red better?

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Which RED bag is better?

  1. MAB

  2. Matinee

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey everyone,

    If you had to pick a red bag in the MAB or matinee, which would you choose. At first, I was hesitant about the ruby matinee, because I wasn't sure if the red went well with the style of the matinee. too much red? I don't know, but am interested in hearing what all of you think!

  2. I saw MAB...I think the matinee is too much red. I have never seen either IRL but just my opinion!!!
  3. Yeah that's what I was afraid of too. Thanks for your opinion!
  4. After seeing people post IRL pics of the ruby was not quite red enough for me, too pink.

    I hope better reds come out down the line that have no pink and no orange tint at all. I like RED RED bags.

    You may want to look at the pics before ordering to make sure it's the right red for you.
  5. That is a really good point. I like red red bags too!
  6. I would wait for lipstick red in the fall.
  7. ^^^ yeah you guys are right. I like RED red too!
  8. There is a lipstick red coming out? I really love the wine red. I know that is hard to find
  9. Riley, the lipstick red is beautiful, and also i think the red would look better on the MAB, or the nikki. Even though the MAB is bigger than the matinee IMO, the matinee is long which makes certain colors look funny.

    There is also that red/patent red basketweave coming out on April 25th!
  10. I said MAB too... matinee in red is too much. It looks more balanced on the MAB.
  11. Thanks Desi and Daph, I agree with you. It is funny how the Matinee can make certain colors look not as appealing because of it's shape, and I think red is def one of them!

    Yeah, I usually don't like patent leather, but I'm going to see if I like the red/red patent basketweave coming out later this month!
  12. Are you specifically talking about the Ruby color or RM red colors in general?

    If its Ruby, I would go with the MAM. If its Wine, I would go with the Matinee, and if its a different color all together, I would have to contemplate that! =)
  13. AAAWHAT!? Lipstick red!? Where!?:nuts:
  14. For some reason the red matinee kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson's thriller

    But to be fair the color is very pretty, and I have never seen it IRL. I think it's the flaps that make it look like that.. JMHO
  15. lipstick red is what was in the interview that Vlad and Megs