Red Mabel turned up but...

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  1. My Mabel turned up and she's stunning, but I kept looking at her and couldn't quite work out what was different and then I noticed the luggage tag is missing!!!
    Have rung John Lewis and they are investigating but it's the last one and I don't really want to return her. I have a mini mabel which I can swap about with ( I must admit the tag on the mini mabel looks a bit big for the bag anyway) but I might ask for a discount if they can't find it at the store)
  2. ^^^^I am sure you can get one from Mulberry.
    Ring them up and see what they say.
  3. Maybe that is why it was on sale. John Lewis don't normally discount mid-season.
  4. Mmm,call them and see if they can order one for you,or as Kerri says,call Mulberry,see what they can do for you. xx
  5. If not they have some at the Oxford street branch, do a swap!!!!

    John Lewis are having a mid season sale across all the stores, so your bag not having a tag is not good enough!!
  6. Definately think a discount should be in order if you can't find it. At the end of the day it is a feature of the bag and I would be so annoyed it they didn't send it. Hope they find it :smile:
  7. I'm sure they will get one for you! Good luck, Rachie!! Will you post pics??
  8. Hope you get one Rachie - do we get modelling pics?
  9. John Lewis can't get one!!!
    They offered £20 refund or a return.
    I rang Mulberry and they can get one for £55!!!
    I have rung John Lewis and spoke to a manager who finally offered 10% which is £45. I have agreed with this, as I don't really want to return and I can swap the one from my mini red Mabel when I use it, so I'm happy!!
  10. Nice result rachie.
  11. Glad it has all worked out alright for you:flowers: If you don't mind me asking - how much did it cost
  12. £450 before discount
  13. Wow - great deal:tup:
  14. Oh what a shame . The identification number is on the underside of the gold disc tho. Is that the same with the mini mabel?
  15. yes, but hopefully I won't be selling this one!! You can get replacements I suppose it would be easy for someone to order one and put it on a fake bag??