Red Lv-help Me Pick One

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  1. i'VE got it for a red bag bad! I love Epi line and have an epi speedy 30 in black and a bowling montaigne pm in ivory.
    I' m looking at new lockett and soufett-whats the verdict? -or anyother style?
    Thanks fellow PF enablers
  2. I have had Epi in almost all the styles...They all have something great to offer. I currently have a black soufflot..very versitile for casual to dress. I also have a red epi passy pm. stylish and can carry documents.
    red epi passy 004.jpg
  3. The lockit is really gorgeous - gets my vote!
  4. ^^ I second this! :yes:
  5. I love the red epi lockit :drool:.
  6. vernis - I have it and I love it!
  7. I'd go with the Lockit as well!
  8. ^^^ ITA with the ladies I think the lockit would be great.
  9. Lockit would be my vote...I also love the Alma in epi!
  10. Lockit would be my vote as well!
  11. alma or petite noe :smile:.
  12. Any pics of a red Epi Lockit? That sounds gorgeous! :drool:
  13. Red Lockit-gorgeous
  14. i third this! ;)
  15. it depends if you prefer hand held or shoulder.

    if you like hand held, I would definitely go for the lockit. It is beautiful! If not, go for the soufflot.