Red luxe bowler or metallic black?

  1. Which one to keep and which one to return. My wardrobe will accomodate both bags but I do not need both bags of the same style.
    Any suggestions?
  2. black
  3. black for sure, unless you have a ton of black bags.
  4. Metallic black. I think there are better options out there if you want a red bag--but that's just my opinion...
  5. Wickedassin gave me the same advice. I am leaning towards the black because it actually seems to make more of a statement.
  6. Metallic black is stunning and goes with pretty much anything. The red is a great pop of color but will be more limiting. If you have plenty of black bags and need a pop of color then the red is perfect. If you want a beautiful black timeless bag, then the metallic black is your answer. :smile:
  7. I am actually packing up the red bowler to ship it back today. Thanks, you guys are simply wonerful
  8. awww. I would have voted for RED... you can always find unique black bags, but it is much harder to find a nice red one...

    I am biased though... red is my favorite color!!
  9. Whichever one you will use more gets my vote, but you have already made up your mind! :biggrin: Please share pics of you wearing the black metallic. Do you know how to post pics?
  10. I share your opinion. Red is my favorite color too and it's not easy to find a nice red color.

  11. Red is actually one of my favorite colors. But this bag is not a striking red. The metallic black gives this bag so much more appeal. I am going to try to get a chloe in red.
  12. metallic black!
  13. I like the metallic black more.
  14. I had a paddy in dark red... both reds are BEAUTIFUL - it has such nice leather, it was just way too heavy for me and I heard the golf coating comes off - but seriously, it was soo nice!!
  15. To me, the red looks more orange/coral. Keep the black.