Red Love - What a Pity

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  1. I saw that one too!! I wonder how that happend?:thinking:

    I just looked again and it went for $90 + shipping! Kinda a lot for a broken LAMB!!
  2. That seems like it was an easy fix :shrugs:

    If that's the case, it was a steal - those bags are hard to come by.
  3. I think someone scored on that one. I agree with yvonne, i'm sure they will get it fixed no problem.
  4. if you're looking for a red bag.. go with the red glazed collection.. off 5th have them right now.. i have the capri and venezia and its TDF!
  5. My off saks has every red leather you can think of. clutch, the one that starts with a v, asti..all of them..the mandeville style...
  6. ^^ Ooh, really? I'll have to go there sometime this week!
  7. I live in the middle of nowhere, the closest Off Fifth is probably 2 hours away, and I've never been there because I have 2 little ones, and I don't want to mess up their sleep. Oh... I envy those of you who lives in the center of all actions!!!
  8. definitely call them up.. they'll do charge send for $13 shipping.. and good thing about saks, out of state purchase, no tax!
  9. Thank you indi3r4, you are so nice. I am actually considering going there this weekend for the first time. Now maybe I should call them. :smile: thank you thank you!!!
  10. you're very welcome.. :biggrin: