Red Lizard MAC... Special Treatment Needed (?)


Oct 8, 2008
hellooo from california!
Hello my dear tPFers!

So after lounging around in different RM threads and adoring all those wonderful handbags, I've decided that I needed to find myself a perfect MAC! And let me tell you, it was so hard deciding the colors. But then, it was that day, the day where I stumbled on to the LunaBoston website and saw the perfect MAC. It was the Red Lizard. Ahhhh...gorgeous. Words cannot be used to describe its beauty. And lucky me, I found it on MOB on sale for 275! And with the additional 20% off code, everything came out to be 220! And to top it off, I got the last one! YES! So now, I'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive. And I must say, MOB service is great! I got confirmation and shipping information within seconds!

Since this is going to be my first RM, I'd like to know more information about taking care of my MAC. Because of its lizard-like leather, will I need to take special care? I've read and searched through the "CARING for you RM bag" but it didn't really have the answer I'm looking for. Would I be needing special leather care? Sprays? Waterproof treatment? Conditioning? Polish?

Thanks! Any answer will be greatly appreciated. This is my first MAC, and I want it to be perfect! :biggrin:

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Mar 19, 2008
Pacific Northwest
Hi there
I find the red Liz is prob the easiest RM leather to care for. I have one too :smile:
the leather is darker and stiffer with the most intoxicating leather smell (good) so it's really tough to ruin it. It already has an age look to it so I don't think it shows signs of wear that easily. MAC is a great first RM plz share with us about your decision :smile:


Dec 19, 2007
Alpharetta, GA
I agree with Kiwi. I don't think that the Red Lizard MAC needs any treating. you can probably spray some apple care Rain/Stain Repellant on it as a pretreatment, or you can just condition it as you use it regularly. It is embossed leather, not true lizard skin, so it will hold up really well.