Red Lizard Birkin...

  1. Ok after years of always spending thousands on everyone I love...I have decided to buy myself a birkin bag! I don't have a relationship with any SAs and the only other bag I would consider buying from Hermes is the Trim bag. However I like to splurge on one item I will use over and over again so I'd rather just spend the money on one Hermes bag and let it be the birkin. I am a 5 ft very petite asian girl. Do you think the 25 cm will look ok on me? I want to buy the bag from CDL on eBay. She has it up for 14K. I don't know the actual retail value of this bag. Can anyone let me know how much I'm about to spend over retail on it? I doubt I can find it in any stores or even get offered one since I'm not a regular. One major concern I have is that it is Lizard and I don't know how hard they are to care for. Does anyone know if it's like python where you cannot wear it in the rain? I don't plan to wear my bags in the rain but if there's ever an accident then I don't want my money to go down the drain. Can you ladies also give me your opinion on this bag...good or bad is fine. Thanks!
  2. Hi, it's a pretty bag; I don't know about the pricing. I guess my feeling is, if this is going to be your only Birkin (heh heh, I bet many of us have said that!!), then you might want a 30 cm bag (25 is adorable but really really tiny) and in a more durable skin. I think lizard can dry out and may not stand the test of time as well as some other skins.
  3. Lizard is gorgeous but not a terribly practical material for everyday use- over time it can dry out and flake off. If you were just going to get a single Hermes bag I'd recommend a 30cm togo or clemence Birkin. 14k isn't bad for a lizard birkin though (25 is the largest size lizard goes up to on the Birkin).
  4. ^^ Yes, I totally agree. Are you planning to use it as an everyday bag?
  5. I would suggest a 30cm in Ostrich if you want a splurge bag that is wearable.
  6. To be more specific, I would suggest a 30cm Ostrich Birkin in Vert Anis or Fuschia, which you will see on this forum as recent acquisitions by 2 members. They are so beautiful.
  7. ^^^ would croc be more hardy?
  8. I think crocodile is MORE wearable than Ostrich.. with crocodile, you don't worry about discoloring.. you just enjoy the bag.. the discoloring issue really making me limit the usage of my ostrich birkins..sad but true!
  9. ladydior, congrats on your upcoming Birkin! I love exotics, but if it's your one and only (for now :p ) I would agree that ostrich is divine - a hardy leather and so unique! Here are the threads showcasing two members' gorgeous new ostrich 30 Birkins (and their even MORE gorgeous spectacular husbands!! :tup:)


    vert anis:

    Keep us posted and welcome! :heart:
  10. One of our members got a 25 Lizard at the boutique last year and I remember her saying that it was *considerably* less (like 50% less or thereabouts) than on eBay.
  11. If this were to be your one and only bag, I'd first get a 30cm vs a 25cm and then I'd probably go for matte Croc instead of Lizard.
  12. You still get some discoloration on matte croc on the handle unless it is a dark colored skin. With shiny croc, constant use would make the handle less shiny too. Just something to be aware of.
  13. I would get a 30 cm chevre Birkin in a fun color.
  14. Does the discoloring happen on the handles or all over?
  15. I think a more durable leather would be best for a one-time bag. And I agree that 30 or 35 would be better.