Red little Chanel

  1. My new lovely clutch came a few days ago and i´m just loving it :yahoo:

    Do any of you know if it´s called something else than a wallet purse? The lady at the Chanel store just called it that and the box didn´t indicate anything.
    PICT0322.jpg PICT0323.jpg PICT0324.jpg PICT0325.jpg PICT0326.jpg
  2. gorgeous red bag ! congrats :smile:
  3. That red is unbelievably gorgeous, congratulations!! :drool:

    Not sure what it's called though :shrugs:
  4. i think it's called the wallet on a chain...i saw it irl, it's quite practical, and the red is very pretty. good buy, enjoy it.
  5. Very pretty and the color is gorgeous!
  6. hotttttttttttttt whats the style code?
  7. ooh cute!
  8. I saw the black one at the boutique, it's gorgeous. Congrats & enjoy. =)
  9. Cute!:girlsigh:
  10. nice color.
  11. Great red! enjoy, it's adorable AND practical, gotta love that.
  12. ooh soo cute! i've never seen it before! did they ever release this bag here in US?
  13. ooh, it makes me tingle, hehe. do you mind me asking the price?
  14. I saw it in white perfo and it was about 1350CDN. Gorgeous bag!
  15. it's so pretty! congrats!