Red Lipstick

  1. Hi girls!

    I really want to buy my first red lipstick. I know that red lipstick is hard to find and that it really takes patience and time to look for the "perfect shade," but has anyone purchased their perfect red lipstick before? I'd really appreciate any suggestions on where to look, etc., if people should help you, if you should listen to others, the lighting, etc. Thanks so much!
  2. i :heart: RedLipcticks ... great classy choice :smile:

    im looking for a red lipstick as well and i've recieved a few suggestions:

    -guerlain ( Kiss kiss)
    -Mac has a red lipgloss that looks perfect on a beige lipstick base , im sorry cant recalll name/#

    (perfect shade, depends on ur skin's color )
  3. When purchasing this red lipstick, do we also have to buy a blush that goes along with it? Thanks!
  4. chanel vamp is the perfect berry red. Looks terrible in the tube but a dream on.
  5. Chanel Lover is their new shade though it looks pink in person....


    Vincent Longo also has great creamy shades.

  6. I don't think you "need" to buy a blush to go with it. Most of the time, a classic red lip, a little bit of blush and a little bit of black mascara is all you need.
  7. For a really glossy red, try Pomme by Goldie.... You can usually buy them for $5 on sale. It's an inexpensive way to try it out. :flowers:
  8. I think the basic rule is, if you have olive, or yellow, tones in your skin, go for slightly brownish, or orangey reds and if you have pink, or blue, tones in your skin, go for pinkish, or blueish reds.

    I'm fair, with quite rosy cheeks and lips, so dark pinks generally look red on my lips (not that I wear them often!).

    I have a Max Factor lip colour that I used to wear, a few years ago, in 'Passionate Pink' which looked like a darkish, natural pink in the tube and it still managed to look a lightish, slightly orange-red on me; so don't believe the colour it looks in the tube, or on your hand!

    I think you definitely also want to find a blusher in a similar colour family, so it doesn't clash and try not to wear too much of it.

    You could even try using a tiny bit of the lipstick itself as a cream blusher (lightly dabbed on with your fingertips) - as long as it is one with a fairly sheer, creamy consistency. :yes:
  9. Best reds ~~ Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in "Brilliant" and "Lover".

    A pretty, sheer, & sparkly formula is Chanel Aqualumiere lipstick in "Java".
  10. After asking for advice on here I went to find my perfect red.
    A real red.
    So I asked to the SA at MAC, and it was between "Ruby Woo" and "Rockoko"
    which is their latest color.
    Ruby Woo was a tiny bit darker and with blue ints; while we said of Rococo more funky, and with orange ints. (I went for Rococo bc of my olive skin and I'm a funky girl !)
    She also recomended you line your lips first with same shade pencil (for a sharp drawing and avoid smudging) and apply with a brush=better work, and lasts longer.
    It was an investment (considering the price of MAC stuff here!) but waow I was super glam last night !
  11. Should red lipstick be worn only at night? Or is it okay for daytime, too? One of my friends is telling me not to get a red lipstick cause it can only be worn when you're out partying at night. What do you ladies think?
  12. No way, I think it can do daytime.

    I like to use MAC cheek hue in "laid back" on my lips and then put gloss over it. It's the most beatiful berry red colour on me!
  13. Chanel Vamp for sure..... its so seductive....

    i think you can use it for daytime and night time

    just bever go overboard with it, like red lip, heavy eyeshadow, and heavy blush....

    stick to one emphasis... itll look less drag queen

  14. Brilliant and Java are both suitable for daytime wear.
    I, personally, would not wear a darker red during the day.
  15. I've never worn red lipstick before - but i'm loving these 1940's looks i've been seeing lately so I thought i'd give it a whirl. CVS has a promo this week for L'Oreal's new Color Juice Stick - it's their version of Clinique's buttershine line - anyway since it is a BOGOF deal this week I got my usual hot pink and one called Cherry Freeze - the thing that's nice about this line is that it's not super matte - it's between a gloss and a lipstick, so that you don't need a lipliner and all of that stuff. I can just swipe this one (without a mirror even!) and i'm ready to roll. It's a bright happy red color that can be built up for a more intense red or lighter for a softer red.

    What else can I say? Give it a whirl!