Red Lipstick outfits?


Apr 16, 2008
Hey girls- ned some advice.
I used to be a straight T-shirt and jeans girl, but since joining the military I can't get enough of dresssing up (wearing a uniform everyday is BORING!;))
My newest love is red lipstick-- but I can't seem to find everyday outfits o wear it with. I love the look of our mothers/grandmothers-- they were always in fashion with red lipstick and looking fresh and crisp (think marilyn monroe style). I need a suggestions on ensembles I can put together to wear with red lipstick- but at the same tim something practical that you could wear everyday- no not the sundress look.

THANKS! :biggrin:
Aug 17, 2008
I think it's more about your personal style/attitude than what you are actually wearing. You have to be bold to wear red lipstick, it definitely says "notice me." Also make sure the color is flattering to your skin tone and hair color. Burgundy can be a nice color too since it is similar to red but less bright which can be more flattering. Make sure you wear eyeliner and mascara too since undefined eyes will get lost with the strong lipcolor and it looks unbalanced.

For outfit ideas, black and red look really good with red lipstick, black and white, denim, royal blue, dark purple, emerald green. You could do a top in one of these jewel tones and pair with black pants or jeans. Or black pants/black and white or black and red printed tops. Or a casual dress in one of the jewel tones or black with red lipstick and red shoes. If you go the burgundy route it is a bit more versatile, you can wear it with the ones I suggested above plus fall colors like burnt orange, moss green, khaki, brown. Really, burgundy I think can be worn with most anything since it is pretty neutral if it goes well with your coloring (this is one of my fave lipstick colors, I have brown hair/blue eyes/fair skin).


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Dec 7, 2006
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Hi! :smile: I think it's fabulous you're dressing up! :smile: I love to do that too, even if I have no real occasion to do so... cuz who cares haha. :P I think red lips = a perennially chic look! That said, I wouldn't pair a strong red lip with, say, a hot pink outfit haha, but let me throw out some things I like. :smile:

Red lips would look fabulous with a simple white tee and jeans (dark wash jeans might be nice - because red lips don't necessarily equal dress... it's fresh and fun to treat red lips as an accessory, and you'd wear a red bag or shoes with a white tee and jeans, right? :P), anything navy (a navy day dress, for example), against an all white outfit (white jeans/top), paired with another complementary jewel tone for full on glamor (a purple dress!!), ANYTHING cream/beige/khaki/black, black/white prints (a wrap dress, for example), etc. etc.

As for exact outfits, well, what's your ideal everyday dressy outfit? You don't wear sundresses? Color wise though, I think my suggestions will work well... and above all else, red lips project an air of confidence and sophistication, so OWN the look, and you'll work it for sure. :smile:


Apr 16, 2008
I mean nothing like the 50's house wife dresses...

these are some things I like;
this is maybe maybe a little dressy.
This coat I could wear with black denim jeans and boots, and red lipstick and go out to the mall and look not too dressed up.

My problem is im so used to Tshirt and jeans- which does not look very good with red lipstick-- it looks like my face is too made up for my outfit. Maybe accessories are the problem?

and this is my usual shade (it looks a little pinker here because im using my computer awful photo thing)
Aug 17, 2008
This coat is good, things like this would be fine. I think the shade of lipstick you picked is on the bright side, which is fine if you love it but if you are wanting a more casual look you could get something a little less bright but deeper and that might work better with the jeans/T-shirts, and you could wear this color when you are more dressed up. Also, lipstick takes getting used to if you are used to seeing yourself with nothing on the lips or just gloss, just give it some time and it will look more natural to you. We're all used to seeing ourselves looking a certain way, and when we stray from that it can be very jarring.
May 18, 2008
I would wear red lips with darker colors. Here are some examples:

Black or grey turtle neck, dark wash jeans, heels.

Black or grey dress, tights.

Personally, I think red lipstick looks the best in winter/fall and with a darker outfit.


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May 19, 2007
I love red lipstick. But I'm a little older, so now I wear it as more of a sheer or stain. But I love opaque red lips.

Anyway, I agree with the statements that you should keep the rest of your makeup light. I love red lips with light brown eye color and barely-there cheeks. Also, I think that you should keep your clothing in the neutral family-grays, khakis, tans, blacks.

I think you'll be fine as long as you don't wear red lips with a red top. No, no, no.


Sep 22, 2006
I think red lips have more to do with the PERSON than the outfit. If red lips are your trademark (or you want them to be), then pair them with everything. Just like many people don't consider what clothing goes with their hair because it is such a part of them, make it that way with your lips. It is all about the attitude anyway.


Nov 29, 2007
Oh I love red lipstick! You don't have to do the over the top 50s housewife look *at all*. Just do jeans, a simple top, and heels would work. Key is to keep all your items very simple, and I prefer not printed.


Jun 23, 2007
I find that if I wear a nude ish colour like beige/oatmeal it stands out more. Think Angelina Jolie in that skin coloured dress... at Cannes? I think it was Cannes....