RED lining...which bags have it?

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  1. I love that peek of red that some LV bags have when they have the red lining inside. Which bags should I consider buying that have that amazing red lining?
  2. All the DE bags have it except for the Portobello!
  3. so only the damier print has it?

    do the mono print bags ever come with red lining? what about azur?
  4. Azur has light / ivory coloured lining.
  5. But you could get red lining in a mono bag if you ordered a mon mono neverful and selected a red interior.
  6. Some mono bags like the Raspail and the Favorite have a burgundy lining. Limited bags like the mono Klara and Mizi had a bright red interior.
  7. white mulitcolor does... does black too?
  8. Black MC has a taupe lining.
  9. The Monogram Olympe has a Rouge lining if you get it in Red. I don't know if the other colors (Bordeaux & Camel) have lining that match their trim & strap as well. But I would so??
  10. Yes, I remember my white MC trouville and its rich red lining :smile:
  11. Oh, I did not know that the Portobello does not have a red lining.
    I guess I always assumed that it has the red lining.
    What color is the interior of the Portobello? :smile:
  12. I believe it's a grey suede . If I am wrong I will stand corrected :smile:
  13. There is a mono bag called the Recital that has red lining. It's discontinued but there are some preloved ones out there. I just got one this week and its so cute!
  14. The Mono Eden MM in burgundy also has it. So do many vintage LVs.
  15. Black has grey!