Red Leo Scarf - Help needed

  1. Hi there,

    does anybody know whether there are two sizes of the red Leo Scarf?

    I was so excited when I saw pictures of the show and couldn't wait until the scarf hits the store, but now I checked it on the Vuitton page and the only one I found was only 65cmx65cm (25inx25in).

    To me it really looked bigger?! :confused1: Are there two sizes?

    Kind regards,
    Kittie :heart:
  2. BTW: That's the one I'm talking about ...
    leo%20scarf%202.jpg leo%20scarf.jpg
  3. my boutique only has the square scarf too. but if you want bigger, maybe try phoning your nearest LV boutique that stocks RTW :yes:
  4. I saw it yesterday it is very long. I tried it on and honestly it's the perfect size . I love the fact that it's a stephen sprouse print and love the graffiti on the bottom.
  5. I'm confused now, which one did you try on? The 25 inch one or is there really a bigger one?
  6. The one I tried is very long I didn't see 2 sizes. The price was around $600
  7. THAT MUST BE THE ONE!!! :yahoo: The 25 inch scarf is only 160€.

    REALLY gotta get to LV anytime soon. Fell in love with that red leo print the moment I saw it.

    Thanks for your help! :heart:
  8. I want the black and grey one
  9. i looooove that print. so pretty.
  10. well, at least then we won't argue over the last scarf at the store *g* :P