Red leather bags?

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  1. I'm looking for a LARGE red leather bag in a name brand. My budget will be about $400-700. I want it to be pretty luxorious and sturdy for the price.
    Any suggestions?
  2. hi! check out kooba and hayden harnett and gustto!
  3. Hi Joyce and welcome aboard!

    Quick question... do you like slouchy bags or structured bags?

    If slouchy is your answer, check out the Kooba Elisha or the Kooba Devin in red..... (If structured is your answer, then sorry, I won't be much help :shrugs:)
  4. What about this one from Dooney & Bourke? It's huge, structured, and verrry sturdy. I have it in the red and the black. It's also under your budget.

    QVC Item # A68977 $361.00