Red Large Muse in at SAKS NYC!

  1. Just got a call from my Saks NY YSL SA.... They have 6 (now 5) Red Large Muse in. Not sure if all are accounted for yet but if you had wanted a red, they are there.
  2. ^^OOo! Did you order one yet? I'd LOVE to see photo's!
  3. Yes. She is sending it O/N. She was going to try to get it out today for tomorrow delivery but may not make it so at the latest, it would be here on Monday. I'll post pics once I receive it. She said they just received them and it is a beautiful burgundy color (she was all excited by it). She has matching wallets for it too (I did not get one though).
  4. How exciting! Can't wait to see it.
  5. Ooh Golden, congrats!!! I'll try to be patient for the pics!
  6. congrats Golden!!! Pls post pics soon!!!
  7. Oooo...I've got one on pre-order. Hmmm...I'm wondering if they'll ship it! Oh wait, mine is oversized. Did they get the oversized red in? (read too fast)
  8. anyone have a picture of what kind of red is it?
  9. So Mzia managed to get it to me today! :yahoo: It is absolutely gorgeous. :heart: You have to see this color IRL. It is a deep, deep cherry red (like maybe a Bing cherry). Here it is:

    Large Red Muse.jpg

    Greenie, my first choice was for a large (I use my large black more than my XL dark brown as more of an every day size) so I asked her to let me know as soon as the larges came in. When she called, I didn't ask her about XL. Mzia (Saks YSL NYC) is a sweetie so you could give her a ring (212-940-2687).
  10. Golden, that is absolutely stunning! Congratulations. I'm so happy for you.
  11. gals!!! need help so much...
    which one better white patent Muse or red burgundy muse??????
    please help!
  12. I would think the white patent is lovely. The only problem with white patent is that it yellows. The burgundy, though a dark color, is also wearable year round. The burgundy color is stunning. It's darker than the pic IRL (it was just difficult for me to try to capture it on camera). If your heart is set on patent, then there is also a black that is beautiful.
  13. wow berry red. prettyyyyyyy!
  14. Wow, that color is gorgeous,truly stunning. Enjoy!!
  15. i love the red color!! so pretty!