red lambskin? timeless classic(hope i got name rite) w/ new chain from 07 available

  1. could be a good sub for classic flap:heart:, pm me for sa contact :smile:
  2. Don't think u can find any 07 red classic flap in any of the stores out there....there are many pfers are still lookin for one.

    I think you have to try ur luck on eBay or consignment shops.
  3. Are you saying the store has one available?
  4. i need to clarify the info since i got overwhelming response. it's not a flap, it's a timeless classic tote(hope i got the name rite) . the one w/ zip on the top, about same size as the flap but thicker. same color and new chain like the 07 red flap. very pretty as well, sitting in bloomie boston. :smile:
  5. due to popular request, here is sa contact: nancy 617 630 6723, good luck!
  6. Yeah, you mention red and classic or flap in the same sentence around here and you had better get out of the way of the pm stampede :graucho:.
  7. ^^ frik that is too funny!!! :roflmfao: