RED lambskin French Wallet available at NM!

  1. I think someone was looking for this, so I thought I'd post that I saw a lambskin french wallet in '07 red at NM Newport Beach. SA's contact info is Vonne Nguyen at 949-759-1900 x2772. Please tell her Lani referred you!
  2. Do you know/remember how much it was? TIA. :smile:

  3. I'm sorry I was in a hurry so didn't check the price. You can call Vonne and find out the price. :smile:
  4. wow...a red wallet, so tempting!

    Thanks lani for posting this~~
  5. what does it look like? :smile:

    is it the timeless classic wallet or just the one that folds over, and do you have an RRP? :smile: