red lambskin flap w/ new chain *pics*

  1. I seem to recall that a few members pre-ordered this bag, so I thought they might enjoy these pics from the March issue of In Style. It's stunning!


    Chanel red flap03.JPG Chanel red flap02.JPG
  2. OMG that is such a gorgeous red! Thanks for posting these pictures! i wonder if this red will also come in chains as well!
  3. So pretty.
  4. I soooo love that red. TDF
  5. Aw man, I want one now!
  6. Love that shade of red! Wouldn't it be so fun and femme-fatale to wear lipstick (Chanel of course!) in that exact same shade?
  7. Thanks for scanning. it.
  8. So Beautiful!
  9. Beautiful red!! And I love that blue bag in background.:heart: :drool:
  10. That color is stunning! So rich...
  11. I love that shade of red!!!!!!!:love: :yes: :heart: :nuts:
  12. way too gorgeous for words! loveeee the chain
  13. Yes, I think that look-at-me red lipstick would be absolutely REQUIRED with this bag! ;)
  14. Beautiful bag!!!!