RED lambskin e/w flap silver hardware at NM

  1. Just came back from shopping. Saw a red lambskin e/w flap with silver hardware. I had it put on hold under my name. please pm me if you are interested for SA info. It is sooooo pretty......
  2. do they have it in caviar??
  3. this was the only red bag in there
  4. Oooooooooooooooh. Do you rememer the price?
  5. 1550
  6. Thanks!
  7. wow wish I was able to get it
  8. Ohh I want this one. To bad i live in Europe
  9. Can I have your SA's number? I definitely want that! Please let me know. Thank you!!!
  10. I am a newbie. What does PM mean?
  11. The bag is already gone. Sad to say I missed it. They found it in the stockroom. Shoot me in the face.
  12. What? :cry::cry: Feel so bad...
  13. awwww darn :crybaby: Thanks for posting!
  14. No joke so sad. I had just spoken with Lisa Hamlin about reds yesterday. I gave her a series of color codes, yada, yada. Just goes to show you've got to have someone dig these treasures out of the stock room. Guess it wasn't meant to be.
  15. If you hear anything back from Lisa, (in case she can locate 2 - am I day-dreaming?), please please please hold one for me. I am looking for a medium Classic or Reissue 225 or e/w flap. Thank you so much!