Red Lambskin Classic Flap

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one of the new classic flap bags in red lambskin. It currently retails for $1850, which is less expensive than the "normal" classic flap. This bag has the new limited edition chain, which in my opinion is a little more elegant than the old.
    Red Lamb Classic Flap.JPG
  2. CHANELboy - what's your number? I think I'm going to give you a call regarding a certain red beauty... :wlae:
  3. SIGH.

    The bag is already gone. Woe is me :sad:
  4. awww, i'm sorry. don't worry, i'm sure another will turn up. :idea:
  5. Yeah, I didn't think this bag would last very long.

    I'll *sigh* along with you.:sad:
  6. me too :sad:
  7. :search: Where are you my pretty?? Come out, come out, wherever you are!
  8. It sold 15 minutes after I posted this.
  9. Does Nordstrom take Visa and Mastercard, or are they like NM and only take AE and their own card?

    Let us know if you get more, please.
  10. bummer..Jill needs a RED bag...LOL

  11. Nordstrom accepts all major credit cards.

  12. Although I do not believe we are receiving more classic flaps in red, we are receiving the timeless classic small tote bag in the same color red and with the same new chains. Also, we are receiving three styles of wallets in red lambskin.
  13. damn its not your luck !!!
    what size was it
  14. It was medium :crybaby:
  15. Can I weep along with you? :crybaby: :cry: :crybaby: I so long for that bag.