Red Kooba Devin on ebay, no reserve

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  1. Certainly looks good and the starting bid is not so low as to set off bells.
  2. A good priced bag if you are willing to take a risk on an unknown seller with low feebdack.
  3. They have been a member since 2000 so that's a good thing.
  4. It's a pretty bag!!!
  5. What's this Bidder 1, 2, 3, 4 business? Is that the same as a private bid?
  6. It's a beauty but I think that I will pass on this one...for now.
  7. No, eBay started a goofy thing where anything over a certain amount (I think $100) turns into a Bidder 1, 2, etc so you can't see who is actually bidding. Drives me nuts because I think it shelters shillers!
  8. Oh. I don't like that at all. It may as well be a private bid then. way to go eBay. :cursing:
  9. I agree with sailernep5 - what a way to protect the idiots who drive up the price with no intention to buy. And jadejett's right - why not just make it all private, then? I like to periodically check who's bidding on my stuff, and prep myself for the "If this goes bad...." scenario, based on feedback, and purchase history. Ugh.
  10. Hmmm...strange. I have an auction right now where the opening bid is $899 but it shows the person bidding.

    I agree; I like knowing who is bidding on my stuff so that I can check them out before the auction ends (especially with the high priced items).
  11. Ebay is getting more and more f'ed up.
  12. Strange...the auction has been removed! I wonder what happened?
  13. They may have pulled it if they thought that it was a fake!
  14. Umm...actually, this thread was started a year ago so the auction is probably no longer valid! ;)