Red Karey Numero Prive ??

  1. Hi,

    do you like the color of the Red Karey Numero Prive ???

    I cant find a picture (maybe anybody can help?) - but I saw it yesterday in one of out CL stores. I´m not sure if this color works with dresses in different colors?!

    Let me know if you like it!!! :smile:


  2. I love the Red Karey it...:heart:
  3. I think the red karey is beautiful and rather striking!
  4. What do you think... should I wait for a brighter red? Or is this kind of red more classic??
  5. This really depends on what you feel comfortable with. There will be a bright red this summer but personally I love the deeper redtones and the karey is a red/black mix which makes it even more unique.
  6. I just got a pair of Red Karey Docelletes and I love them! I can take a picture of those but I couldn't find the No Prives in my size though
  7. Think I was wrong. It is a peep toe sling pumps in red karey. The color of the heels is golden.

    Do you know the name of that model? Ever seen this ??
  8. [​IMG]

    Picture off an eBay auction
  9. @yavaboo:

    THATS IT !!! wooow. thanks!!!

    ok girls.... what do you think about this style?? Is it a must have??? Or should I wait for a better one??? I´m not sure about the gold color .....
  10. Very pretty :love: I really like the red karey print. If you like them, go for it!
  11. Those are gorgeous. I love the combination of the red and black. I think they would be very versatile.

    Cat Cat, a bright red sounds fab, I will have to look into who is getting them stateside. I have the black/red architeks on the way so those will be my black/red peeptoe, but I love bright red.
  12. I'll trade you!
  13. I had these beauties, and they were just a tad too small for me- but BEAUTIFUL! You say you saw them in a boutique? Can I ask where?
    tpf1.jpg tpf2.jpg tpf3.jpg
  14. Oh, I just realized this is an old thread.. Never mind! lol