red jumbo with new cain

  1. How many people are happy they brought this bag Thanks xs
  2. Me! Me! Me! I am looking at it hanging from my dining room chair now and I still feel:love: It was the one that almost got away for me.
  3. I'm still undecided! I bought mine in mid-May and have since only used it twice. :push:
  4. Is the Jumbo Flap heavy?
  5. I don't think it's too heavy! The new chain makes it a lot lighter than the old classic chain though.
  6. wish i could even find this bag !
  7. I just bought one and its absolutely beautiful. Not too heavy, will fit loads and looks very classy. I had to pay a little extra as I couldn't find one in stores, so it is now my most expensive bag purchase ever!!! But I love the deep red 07 colour, because it is not too in your face. Plus I had too many black Chanels already. The new chain gives this old classic a modern twist.
  8. I almost brought it in Caviar but then settled for an EW in Lambskin instead. I thought I was too small for a Jumbo plus the red made it look like a postman's bag (in UK the delivery bags are red).
  9. I wish I'd bought it. I am actually kicking myself for not getting it. : (
  10. it sure ain't a postman bag!! Love this purse. Super pretty and classy.

  11. That's funny. LOL
  12. I love mine! :tup: Got it some months back, and while I haven't carried it a ton, it's not because I don't love it, but because I have lots of other bags that seem to get more love haha. :p I love the new chain against the red, and the times I have carried it, I've shortened the chains inside with a ribbon or hair tie so that the bag falls in a more flattering place. :smile:
  13. i am searching for this bag and I am sad that I can't find any :sad:
  14. i've been searching for this bag too, it's pretty impossible to find.
  15. i'm happy with mine!!! i love both of them. heeeh.