RED Jumbo Quilted Flap Bag ... where???

  1. HI all..

    i've been hunting for one since adam......... anyone seen one lately?

    It's just that while i'm waiting for my dream bag to show up.. i've spent the money on other bags....... and that's not good.

    Anyone seen a bright red jumbo flap bag around anywhere?? a large could work too..

  2. Have you asked a Chanel SA or a Neiman's SA near you to search? Usually they'll do all the work for you if one's available.
  3. I might be wrong, but I think these are limited editions. Might be tough to find one.
  4. I've been on the hunt for a red jumbo too. None of the stores have them any more.
  5. I was in Chanel (London) last week and the SAs tell me the red jumbo caviar should be coming out in August after the July sales. Only the black is always around, other colors are seasonal. ie white is spring/summer.
  6. I've been looking forever too.
    If there is one coming out in August, I'll be the first online LOL!
  7. Thanks for that info, which store was this? And any prices? Thanks
  8. I cant wait to get a red Jumbo! Thanks for the info.
  9. Soph, was this in London only? I haven't heard about any Red in the FW 06 line. I wonder what color Red they are talking about?
    Do you think it's possible it might be the Burgundy instead? TIA.
  10. Layla & Agent, it was the Sloane Street store SAs that told me that.

    She said red, but it can be any variation of red I suppose, including burgundy?
  11. Its probably the burgundy, silly me was getting my hopes up that it was the bright lipstick red form before. Spoh thanks for the info..maybe they meant the reissue style? or the classic flap in burgundy...
  12. Thanks Soph. :flowers:

    My guess is it's probably the Burgundy.