Red Jumbo or M/L in Bloomies? Question about ECG and CC

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  1. Hi.

    I am looking to purchase a Red Lambskin M/L or Jumbo at Bloomies, and I hope to utilize the 15% discount on new Bloomingdales CC and any upcoming ECG event...does anyone know where to call? I need an SA who can ship to New Hampshire...

    Am not at all familiar with most Bloomies SAs, usually deal with S5A so would appreciate anyone's help!

    I combed through some old threads about the best time and best places to buy flaps but didn't get a definitive answer...can one of you lovely ladies share your best flaps deal experiences?

    Thanks so much! :yahoo:
  2. I would try one of the Bloomies on the West Coat, I think there is one at South Cost Plaza (someone correct me if I'm wrong) or the San Francisco store might carry Chanel. The NYC store is so busy that getting your hands on a red flap there is not going to be easy.

    Not sure when the next event is but I'm sure someone will post about it. My guess is that it will be sometime in March or April before friends and family and sales.
  3. The SF Bloomies currently doesn't carry Chanel.
  4. Is there actually any red left in stores?! I am sure they are all sold out already!
  5. ^ what I am wondering as well.
  6. I am wondering if Chanel qualifies for an EGC event?
  7. i am pretty sure they all sold out, but worth to check...
  8. Chanel is not usually excluded from events at Bloomingdales
  9. Definitely check with them. I just found a 10c red M/L at Nordstrom & am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. There is always a chance that someone may return it.
  10. I will definitely call around. Thanks for all of your responses. :smile:
  11. I was at the Bloomie's Chanel at South Coast Plaza last week and they have very little inventory. It's just a small counter and there's nothing that really caught my eye.
  12. Bummer, I was going to give them a call on monday. :sad:

    Ugh, I hate *bay for bags...but sometimes I feel like I have no choice.