Red Jumbo Flap Available ....

  1. If you are looking for the red jumbo flap I just turned it down. I was lucky enough to get one a few weeks ago from another pfer who did not want hers. Please call Neiman Marcus Short Hills 973-912-0080(NJ)and ask for Irina in Chanel. Tell her Breena told you to call. I left her a message I did not want it. Good luck and lmk if anyone decides to get it.I love mine.:yahoo:
  2. Is this the new chain? whats the retail? thanks irina.
  3. yes new chain, do not remember think it was around 2300. Someone on here will probably know.
  4. i THINK ITS 2250...
  5. It is $2250.
  6. did anyone one here get this ^^?