Red Jumbo Flap again

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Waitlisted or not for the Jumbo RED in any leather

  1. Are on the waitlist and will get one

  2. Are on and might not get one

  3. Did not get on the list fast enough

  4. Just not interested at all

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Not want you think..
    I just want to know how many of you want the bag ?
    How many are on the waitlist and will get one ? and if so how many waitlist ?
    Are on the waitlist and probably won't get one ?
    And just did not make it on the list at all ?
    Or Just not interested at all...
    How much over retail would you pay to get off eBay or anywhere else ??
    Or you just want to wait until it comes in
  2. The jumbo is GORGEOUS but way too big for my body frame so if I ever come across a medium, it's mine's! I'm not on any waitlists and don't plan on going on any, it's up to the bag Gods, haha!
  3. I am on the list to get one. The wait is killing me.
  4. I am not on the waitlist, waiting for it to show up. I am contemplating buying a red jumbo in the near future, but I am sure it will be sold out and will have to find one somewhere else.
  5. I am on the "wait list" and was told by my SA I would get one. But I am not sure that is going to happen.:wondering I heard they are getting very few (about 2) for each store, that is NM. SO its a wait and see type of thing. But I really want one:crybaby:
  6. I would absolutely love one, but right now, the black is more practical for me. I actually really need a black bag. DH has limited the bag buying this year so black it is. I am quite jealous though as red is my favorite color and I absolutely adore the red flap!

    Congrats to those who have (and will!) score one!
  7. would love one! but no funds now after buying gst
  8. I wanted it. But I think it's not available somewhere near me. :sad:
  9. I'm #5 or #6 on the waitlist at the boutique in NYC so I'm pretty sure I'll get one. I'm just not quite sure if I'm going to keep it! The Jumbo is rather large and hangs really low on me. With the old leather chain, it's easy to knot it so that it is shorter. Not sure how it'll work with the new chain!
  10. How about option #5 - would LOVE one if I could afford it! LOL ;)
  11. And another category:

    Want one but can't afford it right now. :sad:
  12. I have my name on top of the list but after seeing the new chain, I don't think I'll go for it.
  13. Wow, we'll have an explosion later of Red Jumbo's ;)
    I see 11 ladies now in this poll who will definitely will get one.
    That's so great, can't wait to see pics of the Red Jumbo invasion!!
  14. not a jumbo but the medium for sure if I can get my hands on one!
  15. I would rather have so many other bags so I voted for the not interested option.