Red Jersey Reissue? For Fall?

  1. I saw some previous post here that there's a Reissue that's going to be out this Fall in Red Jersey color. Is this true?? And how Red is Red?? I have no idea what Red Jersey Color looks like..
  2. I put name down for this red jersey reissue. I can not tell how what is the red shade from just the Neiman Marcus look book. I did not see it in the trunk show either. The only way is to check the color code in again.
  3. Do you know how much will it retail? Thanks!
  4. I forgot how much it was. I know it's much cheaper than the leather version. I'll post the price & the color code once I confirm with my SA.
  5. Please do! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: can't wait to see how does it look like and how much will it retail! Thanks! :yahoo:
  6. exciting!!!
    hope its the red jersey shade i missed out last year!
  7. Wow...pls update us when you have details...esp if you have a picture!