Red Is the Color of Love!!! Photos ~ New Red City

  1. And man am I in love with this red! :nuts: Like most I've been lusting over Rouge Theater forever. Then when I heard about Tomato I was so excited I placed myself on the waitlist, only to find it just wasn't the right red for me. So I thought I was relegated to waiting for the spring '08 red. :sad:

    That was, until I said, "What the heck" and bought a RVIF. I was nervous that it would be too bright of a red for me but when I opened the box I thought, "OH. MY. GOD. :wtf:"

    Introducing my new Rouge VIF City! She's smooshy, thick and supremely saturated with the most gorgeous understated red I've ever seen. Forget RT, RVIF is my favorite red! :yahoo:





  2. Oh! That's a beauty. The color is just pops when the flash is on. Congrats... you made a great choice. :drool:
  3. WOW!!! I'm not a big fan of reds usually, but this one is BEAUITUFL :yahoo: And the leather looks fabulous!
  4. Thank you Ffabulous!

    verty, that's what I was most surprised about! It's an '06 so I wasn't sure how similar she would be to my '07s. Her leather is just like my '07 Black. :yes:
  5. LG - it seems like you've been wanting a red bag for a long time now - I'm glad you finally got it! I agree that rouge vif is a GORGEOUS red and you have a beauty there!! :love:
  6. That is so pretty.:nuts: You will look fab with the Red.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  7. Your RVIF is Fab! I love the leather, the color, and everything else about it!
  8. Indeed!!!

    I LOVE Rouge Vif!!!! :heart:
  9. Congrats!!!!

    It's spectacular :heart:
  10. I love that color, such a bright, yet deep red......gorgeous and goes with anything!!!!
  11. I love it! I have a RVIF first and no matter how I try and take photos of it, the color is so much more beautiful in real life! Congrats!
  12. CONGRATS and welcome to the RVif club! I'm a new member myself! I think this is the best Bal red ever....someone above described it as deep yet bright. That's exactly it! Enjoy your new baby!
  13. Great choice! With rouge vif, you know you got a really RED bag, but it still isn't overpowering or too much. It's beautiful!!!
  14. Thank you ladies. It truly is a deep strawberry red. You know, I love RT for it's ability to be a rich deep wine color. RVIF definitely abates my need for an RT which is good since I can't get myself to pay over retail for an RT. :push:

    This is lipstick red. And the color saturates the bag completely!:love:
  15. What a gorgeous red!!! Congrats!! In your opinion, does the tomato have slight orange undertone and the rouge vif have a blue undertone?