Red ink on Vachetta Leather, Helppp!!!

  1. :crybaby: My ombre wallet wif vachetta leather inside has a tiny red ink dot!! How to remove it? Pls help. I dun have coach cleaning agents on hand, and I'm scared of messing wif vachetta..pls pls help, thank you...
  2. Yes the dreaded ink marks! Try a clean eraser and gently rub it out. It's best to do when it first happens. Someone else also said dabbing it with a Qtip dipped in alcohol, dab out extra alcohol on a tissue, before working on the leather, just be gentle!

    Don't use leather cleaner on vachetta.
  3. Agree with entheos. Don't use leather cleaner/signature cleaner, whatever cleaner on vachetta. You can stain it. Use an eraser. It usually works.
  4. U mean normal eraser for pencils, or magic eraser for pens? Hehehehe, I'm blur on dis, juz wondering shd I leave it as it is, or try to remedy it.. and the white twill sig fabric is kinda hard not to stain it... I'm quite hesitant to use it... but I've bought it cos it looks nice in pic.. I neva noe a french wallet is huge ya!! It's like holding a notebook!!
  5. A normal pencil eraser without any pencil residue on it. I haven't used a magic eraser for pens, if it has an abrasive texture to it do not use it, it will scratch up the leather. No chemicals! Vachetta is untreated (not tanned) leather and will darken overtime and develop a patina (its character). I unfortunately have never had a vachetta piece long enough to see what happens.
  6. Lucky, I hate when vachetta turns all dark in one spot and remains light in other areas. I feel as if it needs to be put into a tanning bed for it to be well-done. Unless I'm mistaken, too bad that Coach hasn't done pre-patina'ing like LV on its' Dentelle items.

    As I have suggested to other TPF'ers, use the Magic Rub eraser. It's soft, rubbery, and it'll prolly take that stain away.
  7. Gee, both of u are such a dear! :yes: Thks for ur advice, I try to rub it bit by bit.. got the item from an auction and didn't noe abt the stain til I got it on hand.. tot of returning back but was hesitating cos I was the non-confrontational sort.. sigh, by the time I decided to return it, I was like 3 days late from the "returnable" period.. talking abt vachetta, I bought my bee flap as well before I noe abt dis patina thingy... gee, there is even larger surface for patina-ing!!! How would it turn out to be??! Eeekkksss!! I can't imagine! As at the moment, I haven't use it yet and now I'm scared of using it ..omg!!
  8. Some people don't mind the aging process of vachetta. I just sold a vachetta carryall to a lady who loves used vachetta! I guess the best way to describe it is when you get a new baseball glove. It's suppose to be oiled to soften it, it's meant to be used and take abuse. The leather gets broken in, overtime gets rich, dark, smoother and a sheen develops, perhaps like the new vintage legacy leather bags. The trouble with most of us bag lovers is we want our bags to look new and pristine forever! I say use it and enjoy it!:yes:
  9. Oh ya, tell me abt it!! Out of my 3 flaps, 2 hobos, 1 pouch, 2 wallets and 1 mini skinny, I have only used 1 hobo (thrice) and 1 flap (once)!!! Hahahahahha, I can't bring myself to use the rest cos I'm really scared of "hurting" them.. hahahaha, esp those wif white sig fabric.. and dat's one reason why I oso avoid buying suede... :p
    Now in my list is the soho signature tote (10079), comic keyfob and the flower charm from the TPE event...hiak hiak hiak... I'm spending a bomb again! :wtf:
  10. I really like vachetta when it is sort of nicely evened out [although maybe darker it some areas than others]. But my carryall is WEIRD. The only spot where it turned a darker brown than others is right between the handles. It sort of like a crescent that links the handles together. It's weird to describe. Weirddd. :confused1:
  11. Crescent-shaped?? Aint dat nice?? :p Kinda unique too, dun cha think?? Hehehehehhe