Red HOT POMME Cosmetic Case!!!

  1. She wasn't due to arrive until tomorrow, but her flight from Hawaii got in early!!! I can fit my Ludlow wallet, cell phone, keys, and probably a lip gloss in. Now I really, really, really hope I can get a gold Miroir one. Enjoy the pictures!!!

    Oh, I did want to mention that the lining is not leather. I was a bit surprised since the lining of my Ludlow is leather. I suppose since it IS supposed to be a cosmetic case that man made lining was used so it could be easily wiped clean. :smile:
    IMG_0504.jpg IMG_0506.jpg IMG_0508.jpg IMG_0509.jpg IMG_0510.jpg
  2. Wow ..congrats ...AMAZING:nuts:
  3. A few more pictures...
    IMG_0511.jpg IMG_0513.jpg IMG_0520.jpg IMG_0522.jpg IMG_0525.jpg
  4. So hot, congrats ! :yes:
  5. Last's so hard to capture the beauty of Pomme Vernis...
  6. thanks for the pics!
  7. congrats it's pretty! i think it has the same size as the miroir ones!
  8. That's really pretty! How much is it again?
  9. I think so! Biancaboo...are the Miroir ones lined in leather?
  10. I was charged $340 plus shipping by a Hawaii boutique. I'm not sure if mainland USA is slightly higher though.
  11. youre a lucky one!! play the lotto next time!!! ive never had anything early :sad:
  12. Oh my gosh that's gorgeous!!!
    I wasn't going to get one but...:sweatdrop:
  13. that is gorgeous!!! you can probobly get away with using that as a clutch too!
  14. wow, the color is TDF. Congrats!!!
  15. OMG! I didn't know they had a cosmetics case in POMME...are they coming out in the mainland? Is this a V-day thing or something from another season?