Red Hot Patent Lovin' *pics*

  1. My patent ergo hobo is here!!! :wlae:

    I had a lot of fun modeling this one! I think this will be my new favorite bag!!
    red1.jpg red2.jpg red3.jpg red4.jpg red6.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! You wear it very well...congrats! :tup:
  3. Congrats!! It looks great on you!!
  4. Beautiful! I want one of those so much! I can see why it would be your fav :smile:
  5. You rock it Shelly!
  6. That bag looks so gorgeous on you!
  7. That bag looks gorgeous on you!!! Congrast on your new bag!:tup:
  8. You look marvelous my dear, simply marvelous!! :tup:
  9. Thank you all! *takes a bow*

    I thought the color would be a little out of my comfort zone but it turns out i'm plenty comfortable with it!:tender:
  10. LOVE it!!!
  11. Congrats on the gorgeous bag! :drool: It looks great on you as well! :tup:
  12. it looks gorgeous on you!!! congrats!!
  13. So beautiful... Every time I walk into the boutique I just wanna grab it! Can't justify with everything I've purchased this month though.:shocked:
  14. Very pretty - looks great on you! You look SO much like a friend of mine!!
  15. It looks like it was made for you! Congrats!