red HOT! Need YOUR opinion

  1. Hey girls!

    I am looking to purchase a new day bag (my first) and would like to get it in a shade of red. I am debating between a 05 rouge theater and an 05 bordeaux. which would you choose? Thanks so much!
  3. I have both, and I like RT better than Bordeaux. Don't get me wrong. Bordeaux is a gorgeous color too. But if I have to choose one, I'd pick RT.
  4. I also opt for the RT
  5. RT too!
  6. RT is my fav. of all Balenciaga colors.
    Also if the Day is a big bag, it would not be too red KWIM? It's a deep, dark red...I think it would be gorgeous
  7. They are both gorgey colors! I love reds! It would be great if you can see both colors IRL for better comparison!
  8. Definitely 05 rouge theater!
  9. RT for me too, although Bordeaux is a great colour - but then i love all reds! :smile:
  10. I'd love an RT City but still have not seen any IRL. I bet Bordeaux is gorgeous too, so I wouldn't know which one to pick as I've never seen Bordeaux IRL either! This is what happens when you live in the west of Ireland!
  11. RT I once had one! Beautiful!
  12. RT is beautiful and will stand out more, but it's not a super in-your-face-red-red like Rouge Vif! Gorgeous!

    I wish you well,

  13. I have a bordeaux twiggy, and it is a more muted color, more kind of purple-red, like wine.
    I love the bordeaux, but if you are looking for RED-red, then go with the RT !
  14. Ruby:graucho::lol: but between RT and Bordeaux, RT!
  15. Definitely's one of the best reds IMO :tup: