Red Hot Mahala has Arrived.

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  1. My questionable ebay purchase arrived today and it is a 100% authentic red mahala for $650.00!!! I had a hunch it was real and the flash of the inside pic washed out the details so I gambled on in.

    I am estatic and the color is smokin hot. Without further adieu-- say hello to Ms. Scarlett.


  2. [​IMG]
  3. Hun! She's gorgeous!!! And $650?? WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Lionlaw, that is one hot bag. Congrats on finding such a great deal! You are brave for taking the chance and it paid off :yahoo:
  5. All I can say,

    I Knew it was Real!:tup:
    I'm so happy that it turned out that way!:happydance:
    :party:Awesome Buy Lionlaw!:party:

  6. Way to Go:yahoo:

    Don't you just love those "Special" Finds:wlae:
  7. YAY! Beautiful color.
  8. Stunning color & a great deal! I'm very happy for you, Congrats!
  9. Thanks everyone. It's rare you find a true find on ebay, but this seller didn't seem to have a clue when he posted pics. His bags look to me to be all authentic and great buys.

    I may have to bid on his python armani-- it is gorgeous and purple!
  10. :yahoo::yahoo:Oh you very smart and lucky girl!!!!!*is jealous* lol:heart:
  11. Fabulous lionlaw! I was hoping a Choo girl would get that gorgeous hard to find beauty! It took all the self control I had to not do the BIN myself(I truly did not need a third Mahala:nuts:) and shortly after, it was snapped up(now I know by whom:graucho:).

    The seller is totally legit. Last summer I saw his first auction for the first lot of bags. I almost pulled the trigger on a gorgeous Alessandro Dell'acqua natural python bag but was still very wary of caring for a snakeskin bag. He also had a lime green JC7 and I am pretty sure he sold an Hermes Kelly at an unreal price. He listed alot of other high end unusual bags too. As for his low asking prices, I think he just wants to be sure they sell the first time...less hassle. The proceeds are going to educational scholarships in Puerto Rico. Very commendable!

    This time I ordered a Chanel which arrived in beautiful condition and I am waiting on a Chloe Python Betty. I always loved that bag and when I saw it in Navy:drool:
  12. Congrats Samanatha on the Chloe!! I was drooling over that one. :drool:
  13. Not sue what happened to the second pic- but here is the one in real light showing the grain of the leather

  14. what a beautiful color and such a great price...wear it in good health lionlaw!
  15. Yeah!!! I knew it was real as well. Kind of like my black Ring I got on ebay for $425...seller didn't have a clue! Mine still had the store tag on it:yahoo:.

    Hey, that Armani is mine! Some one else on this forum got an authentic Chanel and one other bag from this guy:drool: