Red Hot delima- which to keep?

  1. To make a long story short- I have been dying for a red Chanel. Got on waiting lists for the jumbo red caviar with modern chain but passed on it 3 times b/c I decided to get the classic tote in red caviar with modern chain:wtf: . While the tote was being shipped I started having second thoughts as to if I should have taken the flap instead. The tote came today and just as I was picking it up I got a call on another flap! So it's on it's way too. Now I have to decide which I want to keep. I like the tote but not sure if I like how it feels over my shoulder- it's kinda boxy. I already have a classic jumbo in black caviar and love it but wonder should I have 2 of the same:shrugs: I am so confused. Here are pics of the tote

  2. Your tote is gorgeous but my vote is for the flap. I just picked mine up two days ago after months of trying to locate one. The flap is so classic!!
  3. i like the length of the tote on you, i think it looks really good. in terms of practicality i think the tote is able to fit more. it's a tough call. if you like the jumbo, don't let the fact that you own a black one deter you from keeping it. when you get the jumbo, play around w/ both and see which gives you more "butterflies"
  4. OMG the bag is so beautiful and it looks great on you.
    I love it, It really looks great on you.
  5. The tote looks great on you! :smile: I would say wait until the red jumbo comes, then try them both on and see which one makes you fall in love more! I have and love the red jumbo, so I guess I am partial towards that... but the tote looks great on you! :smile:

    Tobilove - Congratulations... patience pays off!! :yahoo:
  6. i really love the tote on you and the color is so lovely. but, if you are not thrilled, then wait until the flap comes and see which one you really love....:heart:
    is the tote really uncomfortable on your shoulder? it looks great on you....
  7. Wow, that is a tough choice.
    I think the tote looks perfect on you!
    But I am also a big flap fan.
    Maybe you should wait till the flap arrives and compare them side by side and see which one you can't live without.
  8. I love them both. But, if you love the jumbo, and don't mind having 2 of the same bags...I would keep it.
  9. It's not totally uncomfortable, just different I suppose. It's more noticable than my other bags since it has more structure and fits right underneath my arm. I can slide it back some so that it doesn't sit directly under my arm. Guess I just need to play with it for a few days:smile:
  10. yay, i'd play with it and see if it's gonna be useable for you....the pics i saw modeling itthe person did tend to swing it back.....comfort is one thing not to sacrifice, but looks wise, it looks terrific, so no worries there....
  11. I got both jumbo flap and this tote, but I keep the jumbo flap. I tried it at home to stuff the tote and put on my shoulder. It is kind of boxy, like outside chain handle kept falling down and I have to use my elbow to push the bag backward so I can walk without worrying about the chain falling down. Plus the pocket on each side is opening and I tried to put my cell phone in it, when I bend over to pick up something from floor, the cell phone slipped out. All in all, it is a gorgeous bag, but a bit boxy and chain kept falling down since modern chain is lighter than tradition chain:p. So I am happy with my jumbo. JMHO
  12. Thanks for the great info. I feel like I too would get annoyed at having to push the bag backwards all the time b/c I don't think I can stand having a box under my arm all the time:smile:
  13. It sounds as though you will be going with the flap, but the tote looks fantastic on you! I'd like a red Chanel too. If they ever make the baby cabas in red it's MINE! :nuts:
  14. My vote goes to the classic. You may tire of the box feel and look a lot sooner than the classic, but that's me. Have little doubt once you have them both to try, you will know which to choose.
  15. At the moment im totally loving the way the bag looks on you!!! :love: Everything about it looks right :yes: Now i just need to see some modelling pics of your flap when it arrives :yes: But honestly this bag looks fab on u!