Red Hook on Bluefly

  1. Already gone! One of the ring bags is also finally gone.
  2. The remaining ring bags and suede tote have been reduced more... ring bags are now about $1000 each and the suede tote is about $750.
  3. How much was it?? Was it regular price or sale??
  4. I think all the Balenciaga items on Bluefly are 20% off. I can't remember off the top of my head what the X2 Boston Hooks cost on Bluefly, but they seem to pop up every week or so lately.

    It looks like Bluefly's big sale for Bal is 28% total off original price. Its an ok deal, but I'd keep my eyes out on eBay (for Hooks) and call around (for Ring bags) because I think you can get much better prices.