Red Hello Kitty Tee- shirt


    Sneak peak of Episode 5: Does anyone know where Rachel ( the Brunette) got her Hello Kitty Tee-shirt (Red) ?


  2. I can't open your link, but you should google "hello kitty t shirt" - I know that there are a lot of online retailers that sell HK merchandise. You should be able to find something similar :tup:
  3. junk food? delias? and h&m had hello kitty tee's to
  4. if its that miss adorable shirt, i saw it at von maur before. i'm not sure who makes it though.
  5. I saw these in pink at Dillards a while ago.
  6. It *might* be from the Sanrio store in NY - I wanted Katie's pink "I Hello Kitty NY" t-shirt that she wore on that same episode and when I called the Sanrio store they said they had it.
  7. thanks for guys are awesome =)
  8. there was somethin similar to that on urban outfitters.. not sure if it's the same
  9. Keane, thanks for the heads up! :smile: Is this the one you were thinking of?


    I found that one at the UO near me, but it has kind of an odd fit - oversized, with a banded bottom. I :heart: the design though!

    Here's a screen cap of the one Katie was wearing

  10. ^ ahh sooo cute!!
  11. I love the little pink I hello kitty NY! Is that only available in NYC's Sanrio store?