red heart coin purse..a mistake?

  1. OK I know she's mine...just gotta wait till feb 1!

    Am I making a mistake? Normally I wouldn't buy something so small for so much $$$$ bUt i fear I won't be able to get her again!

    Please tell me that I am making the right choice in getting her now...tell me that I would have to pay double on eBay in a few months!

    please someone make me feel good about this:sad:
  2. Wait until you get it and are able to look at it in the store. Take it home to look at it overnight..if you don't love it like you thought you would, then return it.
    Make sure you LOVE it before you keep it, don't just keep it because you think it'll be rare. Yes that's a positive side to the piece, but don't keep something you don't love and aren't going to use. Get something you know you'll be able to get good use out of.
  3. ^Take it home and play with it. If you're not sure even before buying leave it. Otherwise give you self some time to see if you love it or not. It's not worth paying double the price on eBay. That's only for people who make poor decisions.
  4. actually Elux already sold out their stock, but it's really how your heart tell you. Personally i pass on all the denim, CB b/c it's not my cup of tea, it doesn't bother me when i see the resale value flip twice or three times on internet.
  5. I definitely have to agree with LVbabydoll, get it and see what you think- you can always take it back. If it is not something you will truly love & get use out of then it's not worth the $. You'd be better off putting it towards something else then.
  6. Everytime I wanna write something, you've already said it better than I could've, :lol:
  7. well at least you have it and if you change your mind you can just always resell it! or exchange it! if you didn't get it now you'll regret not getting it later!
  8. I saw it in 3 colors..its a MUST have..rofl
  9. def buy one. if you don't like it, flip it on eBay fast.
  10. Eluxury had it?! :sad:
  11. She does it all the time! :p
  12. Agree I think you'll get a good idea when you see it in person an as said already you always have teh option of reselling or just retruning it. It is cute though
  13. if u like it then get it. i completely fell in love with the charms hence i am going to get my first vernis piece, the flat pouch. i myself do not normally spend this kind of £££ on small accessories but it is LE so i will get it before its gone and like what u said later in time u may need to pay an excessive amount on ebay to get it back.

    at the same time i agree with all the above comments, wait till u see it in real life before making the harsh decision.

    good luck
  14. I defnitely agree with all of the above. Take it home and then decide later whether you really like it.
  15. Well said. :yes: