Red Hanover in Lucky Magazine - Oct. 07' and Rachel update for US "MMates"

  1. Hey Mulberry Mates....
    was leafing through Lucky Mag this afternoon (it's a style mag for those not familiar w/the pub) and saw a red, yes RED (not magenta) Hanover photographed in a spread about handbags. WOW. Wonder if it's coming out for Spring???

    Called two NYC stores asking about the's not available in the US. Go figure!
  2. Did you say red!!

    A red hanover!, that would be to die for.

    I wonder what leather it would be, glove?or maybe something diffferent?
  3. Oooh it sounds gorgeous!!

    Another bag that's not on the website yet is the Belle in pale pink, in (I think) glove leather. I saw one in Selfridges on Oxford Street a few days ago. It's really pretty, so I can't wait to see the full SS range!
  4. ooooh Red Hanover - now that would be worth waiting for !!!!!:love::love:
  5. :heart:Wow, good news - would love to see a red Hanover!!!
  6. OH NO, OH NO, OH NO, they can't do this to me after all I've done for Mulberry (ie: kept them in profit with the amount I spend!).
    A RED Hanover - how the hell am I supposed to stick to a bag ban until May now?????!!!!!

  7. oh sarajane I feel your pain. As soon as i saw the title of this thread I thought of you!!! Would you sell the magenta to get the red or are you still going 'pink' this summer? hey wait till next xmas and get the red- fantastic christmas colour bag to brighten up the winter days!!!:idea:

  8. I'm well and truly in the pink! I LOVE the magenta Hanover as it's a real 'in your face' fuchsia rather than a soft pink. No, can't see me parting with this one for a long time. I've realised the hobo style is great for me so I would be v tempted by Hanover again, esp in red - that's my Christmas list done!!
  9. scummers
  10. Me too!! Still its something else to add to your wishlist,not the done thing to have less than three bags on said list at anyone time!!!!!:tup:
  11. Saw the pic of the replica and actually wasn't too keen! Lordie, I'm sure I've been taken over by aliens. Me not falling instantly for something red??? Something v odd going on here!
    Chaz - where've you been all day girlie, it's sure been quiet without you?!