RED handbags....the go-with-everything-bag?

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    For years I've been going back and forth if I should buy a red handbag. I have a red clutch but it's dressy and not for every day but I held it against all my clothes hanging in my closet and it seemed to go with everything except a few things. Most of my clothes are black/cream/brown/grey with a few colors thrown in. The thing that got me thinking about it was seeing pics of Nicole Kidman in the 'Bag That Style' section of the forum and she was photographed with a red Prada. That bag just popped against her camel coat and black pants. Should I just get a fabulous red bag once and for all. Those of you who own a red bag, do you get tons of use from it? I've been eyeing the MJ Stam on the Nordies Website-it's so classic! Please give me your feedback! Thanks!! :biggrin:

    Here's the link for MJ:

    and Here's NK with her red Prada:

    and here's a link for a red Prada (not the same as NK):
  2. I own one red bag (tod's east west) that I take to work once in a while. The stam you mentioned is GORGEOUS...a beautiful, deep red. I'd say with a red bag, you should keep the style simple and classic (think chanel flap) because the color alone sticks out.

    Good luck and let us know what you get!
  3. I own one red bag. I for some reason do not find myself grabbing for it. But I do not ever want to give it up either.
  4. I think a red bag is a terrific color for most wardrobes, and it would definitely be a nice accent for the colors you wear.
    The only color I would not wear a red bag with is red itself- too matchy.

    You should get a red bag! I love the Stam.
  5. i have a red bag and i wear it all the time. i guess it comes down to your personal style :amuse:
  6. i LOVE red bags. get one get one hurry hurry.

    i love the MJ you've picked out, and i'm always lovin me some prada.. but i'd choose the MJ in this case.
  7. I woke up one morning and marched out to Dillard's and bought a great Brahmin red tote. It's pretty vibrant. I have found that I have worn it just about every day now for a week.....which is pretty rare for me, as I usually change out bags every day. This bag didn't break the bank, and I love it. It's my only red bag, too. I'd say, go for it!
    Brahmin Red Medium Alden Tote.jpg
  8. Hi Antonia! Go for it! I, personally do not own one red bag since my wardrobe is comprised of black and browns with a few purple blouses mixed in so red wouldn't go but I agree with your neutral wardrobe it would pop! If you get the Stam, definitely post pics!!
  9. I have a red and bronze bag (bi colored), and my wardrobe is primarily solid brown, black, white, tan, a few greens and blues. The bag is an HG that I love using a lot.
  10. you should get a red one, personally i would vote for the MJ red Stam, here are a pictures posted by another tpfer on MJ sub forum ;)

  11. I adore a red bag and must have one in my wardrobe. I started with that a zillion years ago, with a red Coach Willis. I found that red always makes me feel happy, and it does go with more than you might imagine. Certainly, most outfits with jeans work out, with the denim color and red together. And if you wear a lot of black or other neutrals, it's terrific. (My red bag now is a Celine Biker Boogie.)

    Enjoy shopping for your red treasure.
  12. Thanks everyone. I agree about a classic Chanel would be perfect but Chanel's are out of my price range. That's what I love about the MJ Stam, it's very Chanel-like but at 1/2 the price.

    Love your Brahmin, Compass! It's nice to know you've been getting a lot of use from yours...this is what I need to hear.

  13. HOLY MOLY-THAT IS GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting that pic! I did a search on the MJ site yesterday for a pic in the reference thread but didn't see one. Is this a celeb or a PF'er? See what I mean about the red popping against an outfit. Now that bag makes a statement!:biggrin:

  14. i don't know who she is, but she was photographed by some famous photographer (sorry can't remember his name) and posted on his blog, there should be couple more pictures, let me dig ;)